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Instructor Information for 17FAEFLOOFA

Suzanna CameronN/ASuzanna Cameron is the owner/head designer at Stems Brooklyn. She began teaching workshops in Sycamore bar where her flower shop is located 2 years ago. Initially inspired to teach classes by recognizing the unusual pairing of bar/flowershop she began hosting monthly, Boozy Flower Workshops. Since beginning classes she has developed a passion for creating a fun, carefree teaching style which is made to make students feel like your more at a party while teaching flower care/design. Drawn to wild, rustic and unusual flowers, design became an instant passion to her 4 years ago on a random opportunity to work in a flower shop. "I believe flower designing is as much feel as rules. Like any artistic endeavor, flowers are about moving with the wildness of nature instead of trying to make it conform to our ideas of design." A North Carolina native, Suzanna is a young entrepreneur living in Ditmas Park.

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